Tania Boler | Founder and President, Elvie

Tania Boler

Tania Boler is the Founder and President of Elvie. Until 2022, she was Founder and CEO, during which time, she built the business to a global player and the market leader for premium breast pumps in U.K and U.S. 
Founded in 2013, Elvie brings together a team of world-class engineers, designers and business minds to develop extraordinary technology and products that improve women’s lives — revolutionising categories which had been overlooked for many years, including breast pumps and pelvic floor health. 
Elvie now has six products across two categories and has received international awards and recognition for its products, including being named ‘TIME Magazine 100 Greatest Inventions’ and winning prestigious Red Dot design awards. 
Before founding Elvie in 2013, Tania was the Global Director of Research and Innovation at Marie Stopes International focusing on sexual health in developing countries. She has a PhD in HIV and teenage pregnancy in South Africa and has published widely on women’s health and rights. In addition, Tania worked extensively in South Asia and Africa promoting research into maternal and reproductive health – with a focus on HIV and teenage pregnancy – and worked with the UN to launch the first-ever curriculum on Sexuality Education. In 2021, Tania was named GLAMOUR’s Women of the Year: Technology Gamechanger. 

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