Victoria Jenkins | Founder and CEO, Unhidden

Victoria Jenkins

Victoria is a multi award winning universal and adaptive fashion designer, disability advocate, speaker, writer and burgeoning media personality.

She has 16 years fashion industry experience as a garment technologist for high street and high end brands. She became disabled in her mid 20’s which led to her founding Unhidden, a socially responsible universally designed fashion range, centred on adaptive design for the disabled and chronic sick community. Unhidden is the first universal fashion brand to become a member of the British Fashion Council and to host a2 solo runway shows in 2023. She is the expert designer and co host on Channel 4 show The Unique Boutique, her TedX talk is available on YouTube and she appeared on Dragons Den in February 2023. She sits on the shadow board of Reflect The agency, is secretary for the Inclusion and Representation Committee for Fashion Roundtable, is a member of the Inclusive Entrepreneurs APPG as well as being a brand ambassador for Models of Diversity, Purple Tuesday and Parallel and a patron of Kurt Geigers‘ Kindness Foundation. 

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