The Ethnicity Pay Gap Summit 2024: Shaping the Future of Workplace Equality

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The push for workplace equality has been an ongoing battle, and one of the most pertinent issues within this realm is the Ethnicity Pay Gap.

Recognizing the urgency and importance of addressing this imbalance, the #EthnicityPayGap Campaign is set to host the ground breaking Ethnicity Pay Gap Summit 2024, in collaboration with Spktral and ShareAction, and proudly supported by Lloyd’s. Scheduled for February 9, 2024, at the iconic Lloyd’s Building in London, this summit aims to provide a platform for crucial discussions, knowledge sharing, and actionable insights surrounding the Ethnicity Pay Gap.

The Summit’s Vision

At its core, the Ethnicity Pay Gap Summit seeks to be an educational and inclusive space. It will serve as an environment where attendees can not only learn from experts but also foster networks and elevate their awareness of the multifaceted dimensions of this critical subject.

Keynote Speakers and Expert Line up

The summit boasts an impressive line up of keynote speakers and experts, including luminaries like Gillian Joseph, Reporter at Sky News, and Mark Lomas, Head of Culture for Lloyd’s of London. Additionally, the panel of experts features influential figures such as Anneliese Dodds, MP; Anthony Horrigan, CEO of SPKTRAL; and Charles Cotton, Senior Policy Adviser at CIPD, among others. These distinguished individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, promising engaging discussions and valuable insights throughout the summit.

Program Highlights

The summit’s program is thoughtfully curated to cover various aspects of the Ethnicity Pay Gap, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of the issue and actionable strategies for addressing it.

  • Keynotes and Panels: The day kicks off with insightful keynotes by Mark Lomas and Gillian Joseph, followed by panels discussing the importance of taking action and the journey toward closing the Ethnicity Pay Gap.
  • Expert Presentations: Industry experts like Kohinoor Choudhury from ShareAction and Charles Cotton from CIPD will delve into responsible investment, policy improvements, and practical approaches to analyzing and addressing the Ethnicity Pay Gap.
  • Spotlight Awards: An integral part of the summit, the Spotlight Awards will highlight and recognize exemplary efforts in narrowing the Ethnicity Pay Gap, acknowledging achievements made in 2023.

Networking Opportunities

Beyond the enlightening sessions, the summit offers ample opportunities for networking, allowing attendees to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas. Coffee breaks, lunch, and dedicated networking sessions are designed to facilitate meaningful interactions among participants.

As the Ethnicity Pay Gap continues to persist as a pressing issue in workplaces worldwide, the Ethnicity Pay Gap Summit 2024 stands as a beacon of hope and progress. By bringing together experts, thought leaders, and passionate individuals, this summit aims not just to spark discussions but to ignite actionable change, shaping a more equitable future for all in the workforce.

The summit concludes at 5:00 PM, leaving attendees empowered and equipped with the tools and knowledge to drive meaningful transformation within their organizations and communities.

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