Why I want to transform wellness in the workplace

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Article provided by Kira Mahal, PT & CEO of MotivatePT

After five years working in The City, it became very apparent to me that very few people in London have time to work the long hours expected of them, maintain a social life and find time for fitness.

Sure, there’s no shortage of wellness programs out there – but are they actually working? Many of the programs I’ve seen are corrective, and often they can be superficial. I firmly believe that strategies should be put in place to elevate company culture, inspire commitment and tie to business goals in order to deliver long-term results.

Ultimately companies are only as strong as their workforce, and if business leaders are struggling to keep their employees motivated, productive and happy – there’s going to be problems. With 1.3 million workers suffering from work-related illness there’s no hiding the fact that corporate wellbeing is an issue that must be confronted, which is exactly why I co-founded MotivatePT.

Our team are all passionate about implementing the idea of collective wellbeing, and we’re always shocked that wellbeing in the workplace isn’t higher up on the priority list of employers. Not only does it help support a healthy workforce, for companies looking to increase recruitment and retention efforts, shifting a focus to include collective wellbeing will help current employees happy as well as attract new talent.

Since founding the company in 2015 we’ve worked with a whole host of large corporates including Penguin, RG/A and WeWork to help over 1000 Londoners bring balance to their lives, and I’m passionate about pushing forward and helping 1000’s more. We provide an equal focus between fitness, nutrition and mental wellbeing – refreshing a workforce to step through the office feeling happier and healthier each morning – stronger in themselves and as a team, with a solid foundation for personal development.

Our training group sizes vary from three individuals to up to 20 individuals, and all of our trainers are skilled at transforming any ordinary space into a training ground.

So if having less stressed, healthier, and more engaged employees and a shared company culture that values well-being is of importance to you, I firmly believe that a holistic wellness program can be a great fit for any business.

MotivatePT offer a free onsite consultation and make it easy to incorporate exercise into a working week. To find out more about the corporate packages on offer, please visit: http://corporate.motivatept.co.uk/

About the author

Kira graduated from the London School of Economics with an Economics degree in 2010. She always had a natural flair for business but followed the corporate path after graduating, working in both Advertising and Wealth Management. These were two fast paced industries which led to her learning a lot in a short space of time. She ended up leaning on fitness as a way to keep her energy levels up for the long working days and as a way to counteract these high stress corporate environments.

Eventually in 2015 she decided to take the leap from employee to entrepreneur and has been running and growing MotivatePT for the past three years. She combined her passion for fitness and business. MotivatePT is a leading personal training brand in London with a team of circa. 50 personal trainers. They deliver 1-1 personal training and also corporate fitness sessions for their high profile clients in and around London.

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