Why video skills are important in 2018


The job market today is changing faster than it ever has done with new digital and communication platforms emerging every day.

This is the age of visual media with today’s young absorbing information by watching instead of the traditional reading. Remote working is becoming more prevalent as public transport becomes more and more challenging. You may not need video skills at the moment, but investing in the skillset now will put you in good stead for the future. Learning is not just confined to university but is a life-long experience and adapting to new digital skills can give you the edge in the highly competitive jobs market.

The good news – you probably have a lot of skills required for video already

A lot of jobs already utilise skills needed for video, but you may not recognise them as such; have you ever had to stand up in a meeting and give a presentation, done video conferencing or addressed a meeting? How you present yourself reflects your work ethic and personality and unfortunately everyone judges you on your performance. You can enhance how to present yourself by investing in evening courses or simply through practice by making your own YouTube videos. Watch the videos which are pertinent to your particular job field and see which ones are the most professional and attract the largest audience. Try and identify a gap, if you have particular skills or a unique take on a certain situation then communicate it with a wider audience.

The more skills we possess the more employable we become and it also shows an employer that you have a willingness to learn new skills and push yourself.  Digital skills are required for most jobs now and will be increasingly important in the future. Studies suggest that 65% of the present generation of primary school children will do a job that doesn’t presently exist. Most companies have a website with many producing videos to showcase various aspects of their business; unfortunately there is a lack of confident, personable staff who come over well. Showing you are willing, have some experience, are confident and proficient in these areas will give you a definitive edge over other job applicants.

Video marketing is on the rise with virtual reality still in its infancy but having huge potential for the near future with regards to sales of goods such as cars, houses and holidays. The ability to experience these potentially very expensive purchases without leaving your home is invaluable for helping consumers make a final decision and also for the time-strapped workers who don’t have the time to physically travel around the various venues.

We all have to market ourselves when we go for a job interview. Could it be that job interviews in the future are carried out online? Video in one form or another is set to rise so acquiring the skills before you actually need them shows a prospective employer that you are up to date with current trends in the job market and are willing to take on board new skills.

Invest in the training now and you’ll reap the rewards in the future.

About the author

After having various management roles since leaving school I decided at the age of 45 to give it all up and go to university, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Although my current position does not use my actual qualification of Environmental Land Management it definitely utilises skills I acquired whilst studying. I currently produce videos and blog on a diverse range of subjects including gardening, barbecuing, Christmas, garden furniture, local events, organisations and people and everything in between. Angela currently works on the online content team at Hayes Garden World.

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