Why videos are a key marketing tool for businesses

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We live in a complex and noisy world where we are faced with constant visual stimulation.

As a result it is increasingly difficult to get noticed and get your message heard. We are also faced with the potential of budgets being squeezed and increased time constraints.

So, how can we overcome this and communicate with our audience efficiently and effectively?

The simple answer is: With video content. Video, like no other medium, is direct, emotional, entertaining, engaging, and easy to digest.

For me personally, it is all about engagement with the audience and potential new customers – people who may buy into a business as a brand and also as potential business partners and collaborators.

Videos let a business establish authority and give a more personal feel to their message, allowing them to connect with their audience emotionally, not just intellectually. For a viewer, it’s the difference between understanding and empathising.

Customers are usually sceptical about purchasing online or hiring someone they don’t know to deliver a service. However, a video creates a sense of the physical existence of a business within their customer’s minds and is a powerful way to build the trust and the confidence needed to understand the product or service, as well as the people behind them, in order to take the next step.

Marketing these days is no longer just about a product or service but also about the stories that mark it – who is behind the product, why is a business making it, what were the struggles they faced along the way, how has it changed their customer’s lives? A video will take an audience on a journey and helps them to really absorb the message.

Another reason video makes such a good marketing tool is that it can be produced without breaking the bank. We all carry around devices that can shoot and edit decent videos. Home-made clips are often more authentic and engaging than glossy but soulless videos produced by expensive production companies. However, if a business wants to set aside a bit of money for having a polished AND soulful video made by a specialist, there are good options out there as well.

A video that is done well, will not only entertain and engage its viewers but will more than likely be shared, thereby perpetuating its reach beyond the target audience. Understandably marketers like video as a tool because it has a high return on investment. 

Another reward of video is that it pushes up search engine rankings. Since Google has owned YouTube, websites containing video content rank higher than those without. Also, having a video on a website increases the time a consumer spends on the site – another driver in achieving higher Google rankings.

Which type of video is best for you?

There are different ways to represent a business with a video.

Promo video: They help boost and promote a business’s brand, image and service. A promo video can take many shapes and forms. It can be a simple portrait of a business and the people behind it, a ‘personal story’ about why someone is doing what they are doing, or a video that brings to light a company’s origins, culture and values.

Social media video: Having a great social media presence is crucial. The more dedicated followers a business has online, the more sales it’ll see. Video content is excellent for engaging directly with an audience, especially if the video is streamed live.

Explainer video: These help consumers understand a product or service. An explainer clip creates trust and can help establish long standing customer relationships.

‘About’ video: Introductions in video format are increasingly replacing the traditional written content on a business’‘About’ page. A good intro can make a massive difference in the way people perceive a business.

Video interview: Simple interview-style clips can be an entertaining and informative way to convey a message. Whether the company owner introduces her or himself, the company, its products, or uses testimonials from clients; an interview video is a great way to get a message across, loud and clear.

Filmed content can really bring a business to life and closer to its target audience. This is why the video play button is the most compelling call to action on a website.

To find out more please visit my website www.christinepreisig.com or, if you would like help or have any questions, email me at [email protected]

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