A third of UK workers have no confidence in business leaders to navigate COVID-19 crisis

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A third of UK workers have no confidence in business leaders to navigate the COVID-19 crisis, according to recent research.

The report, conducted by leading employee research and analytics business Karian and Box, found that there is an employee support gap which needs addressing to avoid further impact on productivity.

While many businesses have been effective in keeping employees informed and providing the systems and processes required for the change in working practices, the study found employees need more help from their leaders to find balance while adjusting to new pressures, such as homeschooling. Three in ten workers say they are unable to juggle their work and personal lives, and 27 per cent feel their organisation is not supporting their health and wellbeing.

The survey is the largest of its kind to date and is based on 76,558 responses to employee surveys between 9 March and 6 May 2020.

Experts have warned that left ignored, the gap in support could have an adverse effect on the workforce and long-term productivity. Almost half of workers currently lack motivation and 42 per cent feel anxious, which is testing the resilience of workforce morale.

The data shows that businesses driving greater postivity are taking a proactive approach to supporting employee health; donating time, money and resources to the NHS and other social causes; and ensuring their CEOs and wider leadership teams are regularly seen and heard.

Speaking about the findings, James Tarbit, Managing Director, Karian and Box, said, “The crisis has created an unprecendented leadership challenge.”

“Live everyone else, business leaders are adjusting to challenges they’ve never faced before.”

“While we should definitely acknowledge the work being done to communicate and conduct business remotely, employers need to ensure they keep the needs of their workforce front of mind.”

“By listening to their employees, leaders can ensure their teams enter this next phase focused, energised and determined to help their business through the recovery.”

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