Do you ever wonder what is in your Make-Up?

Ever wondered what it would be like to use only products that have not been tested on animals from household products to cosmetics, well look no further as I am here to talk a little bit about my change that has made me think more about what I buy.

Being a vegetarian for around two years has made me look at what I am actually eating and what products I am using, sneaky food products such as gelatine can catch you out unless you do your research, gelatine is a mixture of pig skin, animal bones and basically the parts of the animals that we wouldn’t want to eat, they are found in products such as haribos, jelly babies, marshmallows and star burst; these are only sweets but there are other foods which can contain gelatine if you do extra research.

So next time your out shopping look for the leaping bunny to be aware of what products aren’t tested on animals and feel good about your purchase.

This got me thinking, if I don’t know what’s in my food half of the time how do I know what’s in my makeup & body products, this is when I did some research and found out that makeup can also contain animal products OR can be tested on animals in labs all around the world. After hearing about the dreadful states that animals are put under during product tests I made the huge sacrifice to give up all my products which don’t state that they are not tested on animals and, believe it or not, after this it made me feel a whole lot better about myself and made me think that I am doing something good for those suffering animals, as much as I am not stopping it I am not supporting it which makes me feel great but I also wish I could help. Not only did I make this change I now do various things to help such as signing petitions online and reviewing products on my blog which are not tested on animals which I love to do as it advertises the world of cruelty free.

It was hard at first going from any products to only cruelty free products but when I looked into it more I realised how many brands actually are cruelty free from superdrugs own brand to LUSH cosmetics, tropic skincare and many more. But at first it wasn’t all a walk in the park as the temptation to go for the best brands was tempting but unless I knew they were not tested on animals I had to hold back but there are some great benefits from being limited to certain brands such as saving money by not buying the most pricey products, not wasting money as it’s not that easy to just walk into a shop and buy anything you want and my family will tell you that I am such a cheapskate now after thinking more about anything I buy and the best part is getting to know a whole lot of new people online through my blog and social media sites who support the cruelty free society to which I admire as it shows there are people out there who care. It’s actually become quite a fun thing to do as once I find the leaping bunny or the statement ‘not tested on animals’ I feel a great accomplishment.

bunnies(1)So next time your out shopping look for the leaping bunny to be aware of what products aren’t tested on animals and feel good about your purchase. We need more people to realise what poor states animals are put through during product testing in labs which I hope will make people think differently and help put an end to this miserable topic. It is possible and with support we can at least make a difference.

Here are a few websites which work on this specific topic which you can get advice from and useful information (HOWEVER PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THESE WEBSITES MAY CONTAIN UPSETTING INFORMATION OR PICTURES/VIDEOS) :

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