Happy Birthday WeAreTheCity! Celebrating 13 years of supporting women in the workplace

Happy Birthday WeAreTheCity

Today, we are celebrating 13 years of WeAreTheCity!

WeAreTheCity was founded in 2008 to help women progress and excel in their careers. Through our websites, events and social channels, we provide easy access to career related resources, networks, jobs and development opportunities.

Over the past 13 years, we have run over 95 events, including seven leadership and technology conferences for over 5,000 women. We established a network directory of over 350 women’s networks and promote the events of 1000’s of organisations through our website and social channels. In 2017, we expanded WeAreTechWomen to its own dedicated site and introduced other career resources, such as our SheTalksTech podcast and our suite of tech webinars. We ran over 100 Careers Club events with 3,000 guests, as well as hosting just over 70 Gender Networks meetings for the leaders of women’s networks in both the private and the public sector. We have contributed and generated research, such as the Art of Success with Reed Smith and four years of research in to Corporate Women’s networks, alongside EY. We also have a very exciting new piece of research coming this year.

We also launched two awards series to shine a spotlight on the talent pool below Director level.

Since 2015, Rising Stars and TechWomen100 has recognised over 900 incredible female leaders in the UK and India. Not only have we recognised these individuals, we have continued to support their careers through on-going learning and networking opportunities via partners such as Oxford Said, Durham University and The Chartered Management Institute.

This year, in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, we launched our WeAreVirtual series of free webinars which have been watched by 35,000 individuals globally. In March this year, we ran our #Choosetochallenge100 campaign for International Women’s Day which amplified the gender equality challenges for over 150 women.  These videos have been seen over 75,000 times! We also launched WeAreTechNetworks to help companies to shape their Technology employee relations group.

Through our website, we have created an incredible portfolio of inspiring career-related and female-centric content of over 15,000 articles, we also have an extensive YouTube channel which is packed with videos from leading coaches and trainers. Our aim is to share as many resources as we can to help you excel in your chosen careers.

Over the years, we have sponsored a number of charitable programmes and initiatives both in the UK and abroad and have been able to make donations of over £20,000.

As well as our charitable giving, we have gifted 1000’s of our event tickets to returners, students and charities. We have and always will pay it forward and support as many individuals, charities and not-for-profits, who may not have access to resources or funding to learn.

None of this would be possible without you, our community and the support of so many organisations and individuals over the years.

Thank you to our 150 clients who sponsor our work and help us to shape our ideas. To our members, cheerleaders and supporters, who share our passion and open doors for us when we are not in the room. To everyone who has ever written, spoken for us and judged our awards. To the individuals who have enabled us to share their stories and inspire our members, and last, but certainly not least, to everyone who has ever worked at WeAreTheCity, both past, and present. You helped make us who we are today! Our gratitude is endless.

Below, we take a look at some of WeAreTheCity’s top moments:

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