How is your organisation responding to Coronavirus challenges? Have your say and join the conversation

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How is your organisation responding to the challenges caused by Coronavirus? Have your say and join the conversation!

Karian and Box are conducting ground-breaking research into how organisations are supporting employees at this difficult time – especially those who are parents and/or carers.

In early May, Karian and Box published a report exploring the impact of the current crisis on UK employees. The report was based on the views of 76,000 employees across multiple sectors. One month on, and with insights from over 36,000 UK employees during May, the mood has shifted.

Employees are feeling more optimistic, and less anxious, and significantly more confident in the approach their leaders are taking in the crisis. With millions working from home, there has been a noticeable decline in regular catch-ups, meetings and other forms of connection between employees and their manager or teams.

As attention turns to the potential for returning to offices, employee opinion appears to be split between those who want to know more about a return to ‘normal’ ways of working (31 per cent) and those who are interested in maintaining remote working in the future (29 per cent).

Karian and Box’s attention as a business is now turning towards the longer-term impacts of the crisis, and right now exploring how the crisis is affecting those with caring responsibilities, and particularly parents, in the workplace.

To support this, they have launched a short survey which explores planning for the return to a new business as usual and the impact of the crisis on performance management and decision making.

If you have a spare five-10 minutes and would be interested in contributing to this research, the survey can be accessed here. The survey is anonymous, and results will be reported at an aggregated level, with no reference to specific organisations. The survey closes on Friday 17 July.

The results of the survey, combined with other data sources, will be published in a report we will produce in partnership with the Global Institute for Women in Leadership during July.

You can also help by promoting the survey to colleagues within your organisation (or elsewhere) who you think will find it valuable.


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