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Oxford, United kingdom, 08 May 2018. Photo by Greg Funnell

The MSc in Major Programme Management from Saïd Business School is a unique part-time master’s qualification for experienced project and programme managers.

Designed to address the interdisciplinary approach at the heart of major programme management and help you to develop the skills and mind-set to truly lead in your field.

Diversity is one of the key elements that makes the Oxford MSc in Major Programme Management the leading qualification of its kind. Participants come from a rich mix of industries and represent nationalities from all over the globe, forming a world-class network.

In an industry that has traditionally been male dominated, gender parity remains an important goal. Oxford is a passionate proponent of women as a force for change and global economic growth. Reflecting this philosophy, the Saïd Business School invests in a wide range of initiatives to help create a thriving community of women leaders.

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Oxford Scholarships for Women

We believe that greater diversity within the project team positively affects the outcome. One of the ways we are showing our support for this on the MSc is by offering two scholarships for women, each covering 50% of the total MSc programme fee. These are designed to increase the flow of talented women into senior major programme management roles in the industry.

Why join the Oxford MSc in Major Programme Management?

Programmes present complex challenges. Major programmes are more than just big projects, they may have budgets that run into billions of pounds, they may last years, and they are likely to have a vast array of competing stakeholder interests.

The nature of major projects requires leadership akin to that of a CEO. The MSc develops you as an individual to approach these challenges and equips you with the tools, skills and concepts to drive your project to completion on time, to budget and to defined deliverables.

How to apply

To be considered for the MSc in Major Programme Management September 2019 class, applicants should have strong academic and professional credentials with over 7 years’ relevant professional experience.

The final deadline to apply for the women’s scholarships is Monday 20 May 2019.

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