Shalom Lloyd | Founder, Naturally Tiwa Skincare & Co-Founder eMQT

Shalom Lloyd

Shalom Lloyd is an award-winning, senior business professional, with over 27 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  A British-Nigerian with a BSc and MSc in Pharmacy from the Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy in former Soviet Union, and an MBA from the University of Liverpool, resulting in a cross-cultural background which has enabled her to push for diversity and cultural awareness in the global business place at every opportunity for herself and others.  

Shalom is the Founder of brand Naturally Tiwa Skincare – a natural, sustainable, synthetic chemical-free skincare company built on valuing healthy, ethical, and sustainable living whilst empowering African women.  

In 2014 founder Shalom Lloyd, was blessed with the birth of her twins. Her boy, Joshua had miserable eczema and she couldn’t bear the idea of smothering his sensitive new skin with chemical emollients and steroids. A qualified pharmacist, she looked to her African heritage for inspiration, recalling recipes containing all natural ingredients and started to experiment in her kitchen, using high quality Shea Butter as a main base. She stumbled across the right formulation and within three days of application, Joshua’s skin cleared! 

She founded Naturally Tribal Skincare based on this ‘eureka’ formulation which managed her little son’s eczema. In her search for a sustainable source of ethically sourced ingredients, she re-mortgaged her home here in the UK and built a shea processing facility in Africa, now employing 22 rural women and producing up to 20 metric tonnes of shea butter per month. These ingredients are then brought to the UK where the company formulates, tests, manufactures, and packages. 

Naturally Tiwa skincare was born sustainable – A company ethos based on using the power of nature manage skin conditions and cater for cancer treatment impacted skin with inclusivity, efficacy, cruelty-free, vegan and environmentally friendly at its core. 

Naturally Tiwa Skincare has partnered with Paramount with their Paw Patrol children’s range set to make bath time fun for little superheroes.  The company collaborates with Northampton Cancer Charity The Lewis Foundation, and the Milton Keynes Community Foundation on the “SMILE” project – a free event focused on skincare for cancer patients within an emotionally supportive and non-clinical setting; and Naturally Tiwa Skincare also partners with MKSnap who fulfil, pack and ship their Naturally Tiwa Skincare products. 

This brand is truly the brand of tomorrow based on their approach to beauty and skincare. Shalom has built this brand on three strong pillars: 

1.    Ethical products that work (Efficacy): Results-driven products that harness the power of nature and a brand that focuses on wellness, seeing beauty as a means through which the power of ancestral beauty and ingredients are celebrated. 

2.    Environmental responsibility to look after the planet: Products made of all-natural ingredients and packaged in recyclable and reusable containers – They brand this pillar, ‘Planet Hugging’. 

3.    Empowerment and sustainable sourcing:  Customers know where the ingredients come from and become part of the journey that supports the right and fair way of doing business – this is their ‘Source to Jar’ ethos 

Shalom is also the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Emerging Markets Quality Trials (eMQT), an organisation focused on diversity in Clinical Trials providing the global pharmaceutical industry access to patients in Africa. 

Shalom is Business Development and Sales Director at JE Oils Nigeria, a company determined to put Nigeria’s shea industry on the map. 

A mother of five amazing children, she is World Trader Freeman, Honorary Professor of Professional Practice at the University of Buckingham, a Department of Business and Trade Export Champion, a Mentor and strong believer in the fact that anything is possible! 

For more information visit: 

Naturally Tiwa Skincare: naturallytiwaskincare.comLinkedInInstagramX

eMQT: | LinkedInX

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