How to find confidence in who you truly are at any age

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Article by Ali Mortimer of The Limitless CEO

One of the most common challenges that women we work with in The Limitless CEO, is ‘finding confidence’.  Finding confidence in themselves, finding confidence in the work they do. 

Many often deny themselves the feeling of confidence ‘until’… until they have achieved a set of metrics they have set themselves.

I believe that confidence is not something you ‘find’. Confidence isn’t lost.

Confidence is always there.  Just like the sun that has gone behind a cloud, or the radio that is ‘on’ but the volume turned right down.

I believe that confidence just needs tuning into and turning up.

As a Mind Master & Energetics Coach, I help people amplify their confidence through the mastery of the mind and heart.

Our mind is the creator of our belief system, what we believe we are capable of or not capable of. A belief is simply a thought that is repeated over and over.  That thought started in our mind.  Often quietly; then getting louder, instilling doubt and diminishing the belief we have in ourself, our abilities. If we are unaware of what is happening, those thoughts can become deafening and so our confidence is seemingly ‘lost’, the volume of our internal belief and confidence turned down.

Our thoughts and beliefs become the dark clouds hiding the sun.

My definition of confidence is courage intensified, multiplied, amplified and replicated repeatedly.

It is in the heart where we find our courage.  The word courage is even derived from the word heart – ‘cor’ –  heart in Latin. When we walk with fear, our heart beats louder, faster, so much so that it can feel bigger than you!  This heart pounding, heart expansion is the feeling of courage. 

When we walk with courage, our hearts become so much ‘louder’ and bigger than our thoughts and mind chatter.  Our heart overpowers the doubting narrative of our mind.

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Confidence is an energy.  Energy is a vibrational frequency that we can ‘tune in to’.  So just as we tune in to the radio station we want to listen to, we can ‘tune in’ to the feeling of confidence. To feel confident, we must learnt to ‘tune in’ to our heart, ‘turn up’ our heart’s desires, let it beat loudly and proudly and in doing so, we ‘tune out’ our negative thoughts and beliefs.

When courage shines through, the clouds of uncertainty and doubt part ways.

With this cycle of confidence and courage comes growth.  When we want to grow, in life, in self, in career or business, we can’t have one without the other.   The more we tune in to our heart, the more we take action with courage, the more our mind can perceive and believe we can! In the belief we can, we are in the energy of confidence.

As Limitless CEO’s we are redefining what it means to be a CEO as a Consciously Evolving Owner.   In the fast-paced world we live in today, evolution is the power behind success of brands, of business and the life we live.  Evolution comes from walking with fear with intention, being courageous, leading ourselves to our perceived edges, letting our hearts lead the way and believing we have the abilities and the skills to serve us as we continue to leap and grow.

Ali The Limitless CEOAbout the author

Ali Mortimer is the Co-founder of The Limitless CEO working as a Mind Master and Energetic Creator. Having spent several decades working up the corporate ladder in both global consultancy for Accenture and in blue chip retail giants such as Walmart, Ali is fully qualified as a multi six-figure business owner to guide today’s women to greater heights through The Limitless CEO brand. 

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