Top tips for working from home

We speak to two successful entrepreneurs to get their top tips for staying focused and achieving your goals, whilst working from home.

Karen Brown

Karen Brown, owner of The Original Wedding Tea Towel Company shares some inputs on the best ways to work from home.

Karen says, “I am a work-from-home mother and so is my husband.”

“It gives me the freedom both personally, professionally and creatively – it’s truly worth every single second.”

“Working from home also gives me the best of both worlds; the ability to be available to my young children while still taking timeout to attend calls, reply emails, updating my blog and keeping tab of orders or stock.”

“You must set clear parameters of work time and family time.”

“It took me a long while to figure this out!”

Karen’s top tips:

Designated working space

Have designated work space so that you are away from the distractions to attend to kids all the time. Make sure kids are in a different room and they do not disturb you while you are busy at work.

Avoid clutter

Disorganisation and clutter can hamper work, considering kids can create a massive storage struggle. From having cardboard file box; hanging folders, designated folders stored all in one place allows me easy-to-locate things. The children also have easy access to things that they need on a daily-basis. Also do not get distracted by the kid’s toys, you might be distracted to tidy up after them so go easy on yourself if you find it tough to let go of your kid’s stuff.

Get up really early or work during their school hours or during their nap time

The best way to work when your children are set to get to school, is by getting as much done when they aren’t. So set an alarm an hour or two before they are up for the day and tackle your largest projects sans distractions. Or simply use this time to organise yourself, respond to quick email requests, and plan out the rest of your workday.

Vaishali Shah

Vaishali Shah, owner & creative director of Ananya Cards shares some inputs on working from home.

She says, “Working from home is like utter luxury.”

“I live in Mayfair-Central London, I really have to be strict with my work timings.”

“Being in such close proximity to a wealth of distractions is not always ideal.”

“There is the pull of being surrounded and distracted by plethora of shops, cafes, restaurants, noise besides everything is literally on your doorstep.”

“One may easily want to go out and meet clients in the nearby, over-crowded coffee shops or hot spots.”

“Occasionally if I get tired of working from home, or for a change of scenery it is also beneficial to get out of home, take some time away from desk to get out and get some breather.”

“You could combine this with a client meeting as a working lunch.”

“I also take inspirations from the local art, art galleries and streets imperative for a stationery designer like me so it’s a healthy attraction.”

Vaishali’s top tips:

Create the right environment

Ensure there is a fine balance of artificial and natural light. Make sure there are no distractions, such as the TV. Keep your work area as tidy and as clutter-free as possible. Place your to-do list and work calendar in prime view, and opt for a desk that is big enough with a comfortable chair. Invest in quality equipment and stationery for your office.

Schedule Your Work Hours

Although working from home allows you increased time flexibility, you need to set work hours and stick to them as if you were in an office. This includes taking time off for lunch, and a quick break can help clear your head and help increase productivity.

Use tools

Apps and computer tools are very beneficial to businesspeople who are home based. Time management, organisational apps, task management programs, social media time lapse programs and e-invoicing tools are all help you remain productive.

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