4 Exercises You Can Do in Your Work Place

We live in a world where we are always at work. We do not have time to take good care of ourselves. We begin to neglect ourselves and therefore, end up gaining weight.

Exercise takes a lot of time and effort which deflects a lot of people from practicing it regularly. Sometimes, work is also a factor as to why people are not exercising on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are full body workout routine that you can do while you are at work or in the office.

Raise the Roof

While marching in place, try to push towards the ceiling as if you are lifting something up. Make sure that you are in place and you keep your balance while doing this. You can also add weight by lifting water bottles or you can purchase a set of lightweight dumb bells. Try to take 20 reps and 3 sets. This is very ideal for those who have limited space in their workplace.


Trunk Twist

While you are sitting on the chair inside the office, bend your elbows and twist your spine slowly from left to right. This allows you to have a flexible body and promote blood circulation to the lower parts of the body. Make sure that you do have a swirling chair to do it.



Although this does not count as a cardio workout, stretching is still one of the best form of exercise under a limited amount of space. Stretching helps your muscles receive new supply of blood and promotes blood circulation to the different parts of the body that do not receive enough blood. This is highly recommended for those who work while sitting for long periods of time.


Lower Body Strength Exercise

You can strengthen your lower extremities through sitting in an upright decision while stretching one leg at a time in a perpendicular angle or simply raising your leg or both legs at the same level as your hip. Once you reach that level, squeeze your thighs while holding the position for 2-3 seconds. This allows you to strengthen your lower extremities.

With these exercises, you can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle and be able to continue to be healthy while working hard at the office.

julianAuthor Bio:

Julian Hooks is a health & fitness enthusiast. He writes on topics such as the exercises and workout plans. Through All Workout Routines.com he strives to help everyone achieve their fitness and weight loss goals and provide access to the information and education they need to do to so.

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