Working mum and child, parentingWhat is a mum? A mum is someone caring and loving who has to juggle a hundred and one things in a single day. She is expected to be the world’s best parent  and often hold down a full time job as well!

We know what a challenge it is being a working mum and here at WATC we’d like to lend a helping hand by sharing advice and tips from our series of parenting experts. So whether you’re a mum to be or already have your kiddies hanging off your suit, read on and be inspired, hopefully by reading our articles, we can help you to manage the juggle and move some way towards “doing it all”.

Browse the below articles was founded in April 2008 and launched in September 2008, with the aim of providing information to women who wish to progress in their careers via networking and events.  The concept of the website is to provide services that not only supports the female pipeline and helps women develop themselves both personally and professionally, but also contributes to a wider strategy of supporting working women in the UK more broadly by bringing together the charity sector and potential entrepreneurs on to one common platform.

Working from home with small children featured

Seven tips on how to be a mother, have a career & not lose your mind

Raising children whilst managing a career, running a house and trying to enjoy life means that us working mums are often left with our sanity hanging in the balance. We want to try and do it all but, unless we have clear strategies to support us in the juggle, we can lose ourselves and our...
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Laura Lally Trust and Commitment featured

Reflections from the school run on trust and commitment

Laura Lally, Global Head of Marketing, Talking Talent Everyone kept telling me that having a second child is easier than having the first. My daughter, Tayah, was nearly four years old when my son, River, was born. I’ve spent the last 15 months trying to understand why going back to work felt so different this...
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bouquet of tulips

How to cope with Mother’s Day without Mum

For those who have recently lost their mother or are still struggling with bereavement, Mother’s Day can be a challenging time of year as it feels like the whole world is celebrating and there are wall-to-wall displays of Mother’s Day cards and gifts in the shops which bombard the senses no sooner than Valentine’s Day...
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adoption, diversity within families featured

Educating children on diversity within families

We live in an increasingly diverse society and children will inevitably have contact with people from many different cultures, ethnicities and family compositions. Parents play an important role in teaching children tolerance and appreciation of difference in order for them to flourish and succeed in their communities and the wider world as they grow up....
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dancing through the day, busy mum, working mum featured

Dancing through the day | Blog post

By Erica Wolfe-Murray It doesn’t matter whether you are a mum or a dad, trying to co-ordinate your working life with children is a dance from the moment the alarm hums at you in the morning, til those glorious minutes you tuck your arm under your pillow and close your eyes at night. But by...
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nanny featured

What you need to know when employing your first nanny

A good nanny can be a great asset to working families. The peace of mind that your child is being given undivided one-on-one attention while you are at work is a strong factor in choosing this more costly form of childcare over others. Apart from the individual attention your little one will receive, there are...
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7 top tips for working and breastfeeding

Juggling work, household chores and breastfeeding is not easy. Whilst it may seem more convenient to bottle feed, there’s no denying the health benefits your baby will receive from breast feeding during this crucial stage of their lives. Here are 7 top tips to do it all and still breastfeed your baby: 1) Try the...
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10 feeding tips for combined bottle and breastfeeding

In aid of National Breastfeeding Week, here are 10 tips for combined bottle and breastfeeding. 1. If you have problems with low milk supply, or have twins then it can be difficult to meet your baby’s demands. Seek help from a breastfeeding advisor to help get your milk supply up, but as an alternative supplementing...
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