Planning a baby in 2017? How to make it positive for you and your career

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What are your goals for 2017? Is to get pregnant or to have a baby one of them?

If you are planning to become a mother or just starting to feel broody, knowing how to ensure you and your career not only survives but also thrives is a key consideration for many women today. If 2017 is the year you want to become a mum or start trying to conceive is there a part of you holding back, fearful of how you would cope, financially, professionally or emotionally and unsure how your colleagues and career could be affected?

Do you love your career and feel torn between your desire to have a baby and see your professional ambitions fulfilled or want to be a role model to younger women, have a successful career and a family but secretly wonder if it actually is possible?

I work with many ambitious women who fear getting pregnant or struggle with conflicting emotions because they are surrounded by less than positive examples of mothers struggling to keep their careers on track and fulfill their full potential. They want to start trying for a baby but are all too aware of the rising rate of maternity discrimination and challenges that women face when wanting to focus on both their personal and professional goals.

As a maternity coach and consultant I have worked and connected with thousands of women who are learning how to move into motherhood feeling empowered, inspired and supported. And are discovering that the experience and transition allows them to bring a new style of feminine leadership back to the workplace.

Not sure whether this is the year you are ready to become a mum? Here are 3 simple tips to help you decide:

  1. As with all goal setting, intentions and resolutions knowing how you want to feel is at the heart of your decision-making. Unlike other desires you’ve had up until now though, when it’s about wanting a child you often cannot fully articulate why. You just know that you do. Some women I know are quite methodical in their planning but for most the feeling builds, increasing strongly when you meet the right partner, and then suddenly timing and rationality are out of the window and you just want to go for it. If you find yourself wistfully looking at babies in the street, feel a pang of jealousy when others announce their baby news or are actively discussing your plans with friends and family, you’re ready!
  1. If you find yourself sitting in a café and wanting to move when the lady with the crying baby walks in, becoming a mother just yet is perhaps not a priority. I have 2 gorgeous friends who both say they’d love to be a mother – but not right now! Why that is – you may feel you’re too young, at an exciting stage of your career or currently single – is perfectly ok but do check in that you’re not allowing the fears that motherhood will change your life so much (it will) put your deep-down baby plans on a permanent hold. Making space to meet the right man or have time for you away from your work is vital and it can become all too easy to get in a catch-22 and find yourself living the life you didn’t want. Motherhood isn’t for everyone but it’s also something that can be misunderstood and mismanaged. Life may no longer be all about you but that doesn’t mean it becomes nothing about you. Taking time before to assess what kind of parent and lifestyle you want to lead after, will help you make better choices as you move towards it becoming a reality.
  1. One woman I met recently said she feels “torn”. She knows her partner is ready to try but she has reservations. Again she knows that “someday” she wants it to happen but perceives that she will lose all her freedom, be unable to do her current role and be left at home “holding the baby”, none of which she relishes. Having candid conversations with your partner, your boss and possibly even your colleagues will help you move closer to finding the right time, workplace and partner to support you on your journey.

If you want to learn more about how the pregnancy journey and transition to motherhood offers a natural fast-track to developing powerful leadership skills, could be a positive catalyst for your career growth and provide the opportunity to feeling happier and more fulfilled than you ever imagined then my 2 hour London-based workshop is for you.

It will teach you:

  • The #1 mistake smart women and businesses consistently make when managing the maternity journey – and how to avoid this.
  • 3 ways to transform the way you perceive pregnancy to unlock its true potential
  • When you need to start planning and who you need to be speaking to (it’s earlier and possibly not who think!)

To book go to click here.

Happy planning!

About the author

Lisa Barnwell has over 15 years experience working with more than 2000 women and their corporations through the pregnancy journey and transition to motherhood. She is the Founder of Bumps and the Boardroom and leading the campaign “Changing 100,000 Lives” which aims to positively change the maternity journey of 100,000 women and girls by 2020. @Bumpsnbabyguru @BumpsHQ Facebook:
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