Recommended Read: Life is a Four-Letter Word: A mental health survival guide for professionals | Andy Salkeld

Life is a four letter wordAs a high-flying, high-performing Big 4 accountant, Andy Salkeld struggled with depression, anxiety, stress and ultimately suicide.

In his new book Life is a Four-Letter Word, he gives a brutally honest critique of the toll the professions can place on mental health and well-being.

Searingly honest and laced with black humour, Life is a Four-Letter Word equips readers with the confidence, tools and understanding to save themselves and their colleagues when they are struggling to balance their life.

Talking about depression, anxiety and stress is often taboo for professionals, with many considering it career ending – here’s why your mental health matters, why you should talk about it and what you can do to improve it. Andy discusses:

  • The stigma of mental health in the workplace
  • What it’s like meeting your inner critic
  • About ‘banter is bullying’ – why high school never ends

Andy Salkeld now advocates positive action around mental health, giving his signature ‘Breaking the Stigma’ talk at a wide range of market-leading international organisations.

Life is a Four-Letter Word is published by Practical Inspiration Publishing, £14.99.


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