This is WeAreTheCity’s archive of online content. In this website archive you will find our archieved articles, resources, news and features focusing on supporting women in their career progression.

WeAreTheCity’s archive offers articles for job seekers and those looking for adivce on professional development. was founded in April 2008 and launched in September 2008, with the aim of providing information to women who wish to progress in their careers via networking and events.  The concept of the website is to provide services that not only help women develop themselves both personally and professionally, but also contributes to a wider strategy of supporting working women in the UK more broadly by bringing together the charity sector and potential entrepreneurs on to one common platform.

She Almighty

19/06/19: She Almighty: Women’s Coaching & Empowerment | Mikaela Jackson

Do you aspire to be the best version of you? Do you have big dreams and goals? Do you want to create success on your terms? Do you want to have high impact? Do you desire to live a life you absolutely love? Do you want to be part of a tribe of empowered, aspirational...
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Invitation - Anne Frank 90th Anniversary Gala 12.06.19 featured

12/06/19: The Anne Frank Gala Dinner | The Anne Frank Trust

Wednesday 12 June 2019 will be the 90th anniversary of Anne Frank’s birth. Events to mark this historic date are happening across the world, including in New York, in Frankfurt where Anne was born, and in Amsterdam where she wrote her famous Diary while in hiding from the Nazis. Here in London, The Anne Frank...
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online bullying, cyber bullying

Sign Centenary Action, GlitchUK and Level Up’s petition and help #EndOnlineAbuse

Centenary Action and GlitchUK have teamed up with Level Up to #EndOnlineAbuse. In October 2018, the UK Chancellor announced a new Digital Services Tax of two per cent on tech giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter. This tax is expected to raise an additional £400m a year. Centenary Action, GlitchUK and Level Up are urging...
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15/05/19: Does flexible working reinforce gender stereotypes? | Artemis Coaching

‘DOES FLEXIBLE WORKING REINFORCE GENDER STEREOTYPES? ‘  A debate in aid of Young Women’s Trust brought to you by Artemis Coaching The debate will discuss such questions as: should flexible working only be available to those with caring responsibilities? do organisations penalise those who ask for flexible working? does flexible working mean you seem “unreliable”?...
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08/05/19: Executive Shine Workshop | Streets Consulting

Module One – Improvisation However confident we may feel, there are often situations in business when we find ourselves falling back into old patterns, lacking the confidence to present or speak in front of a business or industry audience. With the use of professional improvisation exercises, this workshop will help you engage the more creative...
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Deliciously Ella featured

Deliciously Ella to star at a new London event series

Entrepreneur Ella Mills, novelist Laura Mucha and journalist Daisy Buchanan will be among the first guests to appear at a new event series launching in London next week. About Time Academy, a full-service events platform, will showcase the very best in popular culture, lifestyle, and business. Through keynote talks and panel discussions, it aims to...
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Female Founders

03/04/19: Female Founders Brixton – Mastering Public Speaking | Punchpreneurs

Unleash and perfect your elevator pitch with professional speaking coach Kate Gilbert. Nailing down the perfect elevator pitch can takes practise. During this session, co-founder of Punchpreneurs and professional speaking coach Kate Gilbert will show you how to create a powerful and unique elevator pitch for your business that speaks about who you are. This...
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The Gynae Geek featured

02/04/19: Want to ask your questions about Gynae Health?

Join women’s cancer charity, The Eve Appeal, and Dr Anita Mitra, working in obstetrics and gynaecology for an evening of taboo-tackling conversation and gynaecological cancer. GET YOUR TICKETS Following the recent and hugely successful launch of her debut book “Gynae Geek: your no nonsense guide to down there healthcare”, Dr Anita will be hosting a...
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