WeAreTheCity talk menopause, starting a new career & tips for fabulous skin with beauty specialist, Karen Horsley

Karen Horsley

Menopause was the worst time of Karen’s life, but, it was the start of a fabulous new career.

I’d always had ‘easy’ skin before. I had a simple routine and it worked, but, along with the anxiety, hot flashes and weight gain, menopause also brought with it terrible skin.

It was dry, red, itchy and sore and nothing worked. I tried the doctors, but they had very little advice so, I decided to try and see if I could fix it myself.

I am a trained scientist so I started reading and experimenting with organic, natural oils. Spending my evenings poring over books and internet articles.

I didn’t tell a soul though. I thought people would laugh at me, and I think that was partly the way I was feeling in general and also how my generation were brought up – to not ‘show off’ or ‘think they were something special.

But eventually, I found the perfect formula for my skin and started to look better, which in turn helped me to feel better.

I kept the recipe to myself and it wasn’t until almost 10 years later when my daughter, Sarah, started struggling that I decided to start mixing more creams and sharing my secret formulas!

Sarah’s skin was red with rosacea, sore and itchy. Her hormonally charged skin (she was going through a medically forced menopause) was a real challenge, but, we created a skincare regime for her that worked.

Sarah has such a busy mind and entrepreneurial brain and, before long she had convinced me to start a business to share the creams with other women struggling like us.

I couldn’t believe it at first, my little cream being used by other people. But then I started to think about the awful time I had during menopause and how my skin impacted my life and realised that, if I could help one person have an easier time than me, then starting a business, when I was thinking about retiring, was worth it.

Now we – Clockface – are stocked across the country and available online helping thousands of women with their skincare needs.

This has been the most amazing time for me and Sarah. We get to spend every day together and learn new things as well as hearing brilliant stories of how we are helping women like us.

Karen’s top tips for fabulous skin at any age:

  • At home facial massage using our Facial Serum and hands, making sure to include the neck area!
  • Having a consistent skincare routing, using natural skincare (the key products listed above), not only natural, but waterless, for a greater concentration of butters and oils to add extra hydration and nourishment to the skin
  • Using a Face Mask twice a week, in this case we would recommend the Rhassoul Clay & Vetiver as this also acts as a gentle exfoliator as well, perfect for more mature skin
  • Using our Clary Sage & Juniper Berry Moisturising Balm mixed with your foundation, this aids smoother application and provides a healthy glow, it also acts as an excellent primer
  • Hydrating from the inside, drinking plenty of water
  • Wear an SPF daily
  • Eat well, nutritious food is incredibly important to hydrated, healthy skin.

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