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Menopause in the workplace: Impact on women in Financial Services

Over the years, strides have been taken to address gender equality in the workforce.

This is an important  societal cause and it is absolutely crucial for an industry dealing with skills gaps. Fostering a more inclusive and supportive workplace will help to improve retention and progression of talent and ultimately, drive innovation and productivity.

Women are a critical and indispensable part of our workforce. But the gender imbalance, particularly  in senior roles, remains. To address this, we need to understand what stops women from remaining and progressing in work, be it organisational, societal and personal barriers – and one such barrier is the menopause.

This research shows that many women consider leaving their roles or are less likely to apply for promotion because of the menopause. Normalising conversations around menopause in the workplace is an essential step in response to this. Increasing awareness and supporting menopause transition will help retain and progress key talent and improve representation of women at all levels, including the highest levels in an organisation.

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