15/01/2019 – She Almighty: Women’s Coaching & Empowerment

Date/Time: 15/01/2019 @ 18:30-21:00 Location: The AllBright, 11 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HR Do you aspire to be the best version of you? Do you have big dreams and goals? Do you want to create success on your terms? Do you want to have high impact? Do you desire to live a life you absolutely love?...
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Is This It featured

Recommended Read: Is This It? The Smart Woman’s Guide to Finding Work You Love | Ruth Kudzi

Have you ever stayed in a job that you don’t love because you aren’t sure what else to do? You go through the motions every day but you aren’t fulfilled and are starting to wonder “is this it?” is this how I am going to live the rest of my life? Ruth’s book (and the...
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Mentoring, coaching featured

Bye-bye top down management, hello coaching for emotionally intelligent leadership

Credit: @rawpixel In the first of three articles looking at the role of coaching and mentoring in business, Mette Andersen, Managing Director of digital innovation agency Futurice, outlines her belief that, empowered by emotional intelligence, future leaders will be coaches rather than bosses. As a “people-first person” I’m fascinated by my fellow humans and what...
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Gina Battye, Pride Month featured

Pitman Training offer free training focused on being your true self at work in celebration of PRIDE month

Pitman Training are offering free training focused on being your true self at work, in celebration of PRIDE month. As part of Pitman Training’s yearlong commitment to Push For Progress, following the launch of their free training and coaching platform for women, this month sees the addition of some great content linked to PRIDE month,...
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02/05/2018 – Resolve Your Thorniest Midlife Career Reboot Challenges: Open Session (Online)

Date/Time: 02/05/2018 @ 19.00pm – 21.00pm Location: Online No matter how much you want to make changes to your career at midlife, sometimes it can be hard to get started… And sometimes once you’re exploring a new path you can get ‘stuck’. If any of this rings true for you, I invite you to this...
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woman going through a career change featured

Do you ever feel like you have taken a wrong turn along your career path?

When was the last time you stopped to reflect on your goals, dreams and ambitions? When was the last time you paused to not only think about where you are at in your career but also how you got to where you are today? If you are feeling unhappy and dissatisfied in your job, it’s...
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our girls, women's hands featured

It’s always possible to be kind | Future Leaders blog

“What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau Leadership is always a hot subject. We often hear people talking about what kind of leadership is best. There’s no simple answer to that question. Different situations need different leadership. And in fact, even if we would all agree that authenticity is...
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Mentor, apprentice

Being a first-time mentor is as scary for me as it is for you

I recently embarked on becoming a mentor through SheSays for someone in the advertising industry. I’ve wanted to mentor for a long time, as I believe it’s vital to give a leg up and guidance to those who are passionate and keen to progress. When you work in management, the assumption often made is that...
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