Empathy in the Workplace White Paper | Shola Kaye

Empathy in the workplace white paper, Shola Kaye

Empathy in the Workplace: foster belonging and retain talent

Insights and strategies from three executive roundtable discussions with fifteen international HR leaders, supported by up-to-date survey data. Created by Shola Kaye Ltd in partnership with HRD Network.

What’s inside:

  • COMPELLING RESEARCH on the role of empathy when creating a loyal, inclusive culture
  • EMPATHY & LEADERSHIP – key actions your senior leaders and managers need to take
  • EMPATHY, CULTURE & BELONGING – what you can do to help engagement flourish
  • BUILDING A BUSINESS CASE – step by step strategies to win over your senior decision makers

A must-read document for senior leaders, HR directors, diversity equity & inclusion executives, and talent development professionals.

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