19/07/2022: What is the future of work? | Warwick Business School

What is the future of work, Warwick Business School

As a leader, how do you envision the future? Join us for a lightning talk around the all-important topic for leaders everywhere, the future of work.

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Join our upcoming event, where you will be able to walk around an imaginative networking space and take the opportunity to chat with our expert, Dr Maja Korica, who will be sharing her thought leadership and latest research around the future of work.

On this collaborative and exciting virtual networking platform, you’ll be able to speak with Warwick Business school representatives, hear from course faculty and interact with previous course participants, to explore our range of part-time Executive Diploma programmes.

To learn more about the interactive networking platform, watch this demo.

If you’re picturing yourself learning along like-minded leaders as the next step in your journey and wish to talk to other executives who’ve walked before you, this event is for you.

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