28/10/2022: WeAreVirtual: Demystifying Perimenopause | Linia Patel

WeAreVirtual Linia Patel

When you hit your 40’s you quickly learn that exercise and nutrition routines that worked for you before just don’t seem to cut it anymore. But don’t worry – you can still rock it and thrive in your forties. You just need to know how!

Perimenopause is when you might start noticing changes to your body, energy levels, memory, and mood. Many women experience these symptoms in their forties and have no idea that the cause is hormonal. Although the perimenopause is a natural process for all women, when you don’t know what’s happening it can make you feel a bit crazy. The more you understand your body, the more you are aware of how your hormones change, the more you can take control.
The “Debunking Perimenopuase” webinar introduces the physical and emotional difficulties that women may experience when they go through the perimenopause and highlights some science-based lifestyle strategies to help you improve your symptoms, feel better and thrive in your forties.


About Linia:

Linia PatelLinia is a leading Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist with extensive experience in several nutrition settings including corporate wellness, sports nutrition and the media. Her clinical expertise is in women’s health, sports nutrition, weight management and gut health. With a PhD in Public health and over 100 published articles on diet and health, Linia has a strong grounding in nutrition science. Yet she combines this with with her passion of translating science into easy-to-digest and practical advice which is why she is also often seen as a nutrition expert in the media. She is a British Dietetic Association Spokesperson and is regularly seen appearing on national TV and being quoted in the press.

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