29/10/2022: March of the Mummies Protest | Pregnant Then Screwed

March of the mummys protest

54,000 women a year are forced out of their job because they dared to procreate. Three-quarters of mums say they have experienced discrimination in the workplace.

An extortionately priced childcare system means 43% of mums are considering leaving their job. Women who have children earn almost half the amount of those who do not, and they earn 33% less per hour than men. Yet, interestingly, men’s wages rise when they have kids.

Do you remember when the schools and childcare facilities closed and mums became the sacrificial lambs of the pandemic? And in return, all we got was a pat on the head from Rishi Sunak?

Have you had enough yet? Because we have. It doesn’t need to be this way – these are political choices made by our Government. And the only way we make them listen is if we organise, and we shout from the rooftops that we want change and we want it now. That is why we will be marching on the 29th October in 7 cities across the UK to demand recognition, respect and change for working mums. Please join us – we need you!

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